Sometimes you’re drawn to the melancholy.

aWe see things differently from other personality types. We have a vivid imagination that sees the world for what it could be. Likewise, our imagination allows us to put ourselves in other people’s shoes and see things from their perspective. Unfortunately, most people treat us like our imagination is a bad thing. We’re told that daydreaming is unproductive and childlike. Daydreaming wastes time. This makes us feel alienated and further misunderstood. But the reality is that our detachment from the outer world stems from our desire to discover truth about ourselves and our world. We’re trying to bring meaning and inspiration to our reality.

However, our light can attract moths and our warmth can bring parasites. Because we listen and truly care, we get taken advantage of. We may find ourselves in one-sided relationships, becoming someone’s emotional dumping ground—they do all the talking while we do all the listening. This makes us feel under-appreciated for the healing that we can bring. If these toxic relationships persist, we may become melancholy and lonely.

Me, an INFP (the dreamers and mediators), are healers of emotional wounds.

cIn the Keirsey Temperament system, the INFP is nicknamed the “Healer.” And the nickname fits, because INFPs care deeply about the inner emotional lives of other people. According to the Keirsey web site, “Their great passion is to heal the conflicts that trouble individuals, or that divide groups, and thus to bring wholeness, or health, to themselves, their loved ones, and their community.” The INFP’s ability to heal springs from their deep understanding of emotions, their caring nature, and their ability to see things from a unique perspective.

Creative expression is my life blood.

dPeople who have the same personality as I do, tend to excel at writing, music, or other forms of creative expression, because art allows them to express their deep feelings in an authentic way, explains personality profiler Antonia Dodge, co-owner of Personality Hacker, in a podcast about INFPs. INFPs may not be able to articulate their deep, personal feelings to friends and family in passing conversation, but they can create a painting or write a novel to immerse others in their emotional experience. It may be an emotional experience related to their own feelings, the feelings of another person they’ve come in contact with, or on a much wider scale, the feelings of the human experience in general.

I need to feel inspired.

eI live in a world of emotion and meaning. People like me need a certain level of emotional intensity in their life in order to feel like they are truly living. So, I may unconsciously seek out relationships that evoke strong feelings. Or, may turn to books, poetry, music, travel, or charity work that inspires me. However, if the passion or intrigue fades, I may find themselves feeling restless. Dissatisfied, I may move on to another relationship or project that once again infuses their life with meaning.